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Precision Manufactured Components

Avion manufactures a wide variety of precision-machined components for clients who require reliable precision parts and components with full manufacturing traceability.

We use the latest in CAD/CAM technology and have full 3-D programming capabilities. Our CAM systems can communicate with almost all the latest design packages thereby allowing customers to provide solid or wireframe models which we use for toolpath and CMM programming. Programs are generated and simulated on-screen and fine tuned for maximum efficiency before they ever get a chance to make chips.

Avion manufactures complete parts from raw aluminum and steel to finish chemical processing and final paint. Visit the supply chain management section of our website to learn more about our processing capabilities.

Types of parts we manufacture:
  • Aircraft landing gear components
  • Aircraft Cockpit instrument panel components
  • Aircraft hydraulic systems components
  • Pressure tested aircraft fuel-line components
  • Medical surgery robotics components
  • Nuclear reactor maintenance components