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Gear and Drive Products

Avion makes gear and drive products for some of the most demanding applications. Whether our drive products are for actuating the ailerons, rudder, or elevator on a commercial aircraft carrying hundreds of passengers, or for an un-manned robot changing a fuel cell bundle in a nuclear reactor, we supply the critical components that ensure failures will not occur and lives are not put at risk. Avion supplies every component complete with full manufacturing traceability required by the aerospace and nuclear industries. We fully understand traceability and the importance of accuracy and consistency in the documentation of precision components.

Manufacturing Services:

Our Gear and Drive Product services are broken into the following 4 categories:

  • Complete part manufacture from customer supplied technical data - Our customers supply the drawings and all technical specifications, we supply complete parts to their assembly line.
  • Gear and spline cutting services for customer supplied blanks - Our customers supply machined parts, we cut and certify the teeth only. (We certify to ANSI, AGMA, or DIN standards regularly).
  • Design services - Avion can help customers design or optimize existing design of gear and drive assemblies.
  • Reverse engineering - We can take customer samples and perform complete analysis of the gear or spline geometry and provide the technical data needed to replicate that sample. We can also take excessively worn or damaged samples with no technical data and use our reverse engineering expertise to make new parts.
Types of drive products we manufacture include:
  • Spur and helical gears - external/internal
  • Precision splined shafts - external/internal
  • Double helical (herringbone) gear and rotor sets
  • Precision ground worm and gear sets
  • Precision bevel gear sets
  • Rack and pinion sets
Gear sets are tested and certified for:
  • Smooth running mesh
  • Axial thrust play
  • Backlash requirements
  • Noise and vibration requirements