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"Quality is the backbone of Avion's ability to produce parts and provide services that exceed customer expectations."

Since 1995, our rapid success has been attributed to Avion's stringent Quality Assurance practices. Knowledge, experience and accuracy have positioned us at the vanguard of the precision manufacturing industry.

  • All parts follow first-off, in process, and final inspection steps.
  • Avion's machinists are competent and qualified for quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process.
  • All activities (including sub-contracted) tracked via Avion's ERP system to ensure compliance and traceability.
  • An integrated management system with data collection allows for real time data.
Lab equipment

Our Quality Control laboratory is a climate-controlled environment which ensures temperature and humidity levels remain within control limits. When needed, highly sensitive lab activities can be carried out in our White Room where the environment is additionally controlled for airborne contaminants.

By employing the latest metrological technology, Avion has built a longstanding tradition of excellence with its customers. Every employee takes ownership to meet and exceed each customer's quality and specification requirements.

Avion's Quality Management System is registered to SAE aerospace standard AS 9100B and ISO 9001:2000. Our organization takes pride in meeting the stringent requirements of these standards as well as many others prevalent in the industry.

A partial listing of our lab equipment is as follows:

  • Mitutoyo CMM Crysta Apex; High-accuracy, MPEE= (1.7+3L/1000)m
  • Mitutoyo Linear Height LH600; world class accuracy (1.3+0.6L/600)m
  • Large Optical Comparator (24" screen)
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic Height Gages
  • Mitutoyo Height Masters
  • Surface Roughness Tester SJ-201P
  • TH-500 Hardness Tester range: 20~80HRA, 20~100HRB, 20~80HRC
  • Klinglenburg Gear Lead and Involute Testing Machine
  • Fellows Gear Roll Testing Machines
  • Disc, Blade, Inside & outside, Groove type, Micrometers and Calipers