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Complex Assembly Services

Avion manufactures and tests a variety of assemblies including mechanical and hydraulic assemblies. We have a 'white room' facility for highly sensitive equipment which requires air particulate and environmental controls while assembling.

We offer the following types of assembly services:
  • Assembly of multi-level mechanical parts and components
  • Installation of hardware - bearings, bushings, pins, etc. with shrink (hot and cold) capabilities
  • Electrical wiring and soldering
  • Hydraulics assembly
  • Gear box assembly

Gear box assembly and testing is our core competence. Avion has open multi-year contracts to manufacture, assemble, and test multiple part gear boxes. Avion also offers assembly and test services where customers supply their parts and employ our facilities and expertise in providing them with a fully functional and certified gear box. Other times, we receive worn or broken down boxes which require a full overhaul. We can reverse engineer parts; manufacture new, or better, ones; then re-assemble and test the box to ensure it performs to OEM specifications or better.